AKVIS Neon 1.0


Convert an ordinary photo into a beautiful drawing.

If you want to give an original and bright touch to your photos, it's best to use a program that allows you to make the process quick and simple, as is the case with AKVIS Neon.

As you will have no doubt worked out by now, AKVIS Neon is a fantastic tool designed by AKVIS, which lets you create stunning effects of bright lines of light, to insert into your digital photographs. Thus you get a result of the most spectacular kind, as AKVIS Neon transforms your photographs into a neon drawing so it will look crafted with luminescent ink.

As you can see, after downloading and installing AKVIS Neon on your computer, the program is quite simple to operate, and doesn't require you to have a special skill. You just have to choose which photo or picture you want to work with, and what effect is to be applied to it. In a few seconds you'll get a different and, above all, original version of that photo.

This luminous effect provided by AKVIS Neon will make your images look more festive, exciting and joyful, so that it becomes the ideal place to prepare bright plugin cards for any occasion (Christmas, New Year, birthdays, anniversaries, ...) or to create special invitations, with a touch of fantasy. But with AKVIS Neon you can also create a sparkling image, an extraordinary portrait or a mysterious landscape, just by delineating the edges of the image slightly. The results are spectacular!

AKVIS Neon is also a plugin that you can install in your usual photo retouching program, either Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro, etc, and also, it can be installed as a standalone application. What are you waiting for to download it? it's free!


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